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Hi, I’m Jen.

Just the other day, I was talking to a colleague who said, “It feels like there are all these balls bouncing around in the air too fast for me to grab any of them, but I need to organize them all into some kind of plan so I can move forward — I’m so overwhelmed!”

Sound familiar?

I relate oh-so-well to this feeling. In 2017, after living in New York for 20 years, I completely turned my life upside down and moved to Los Angeles (for love), got married (in my 40s) and pivoted my career (after the gift of being laid off). By connecting the dot of all my business experience with the dot of caring deeply about empowering women, I made a bold leap from my former corporate career to becoming an ICF-certified coach. And I really want to help you to not just identify your own dots, but also the simplest, most effective ways of connecting them all to create a new path forward in your life.

Connecting the Dots isn’t just a catchy blog title; it encapsulates my daily journey, in my personal life as well as professionally. I’ve learned a thing or two about getting clear about what you want in life, leadership, and career, and how to be fiercely committed to your ultimate life. So my intention for this blog is simply to share my own experiences and insights, and I hope my stories will give you fresh motivation to connect to what matters most to you.


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It has been such a joy working with Jenny. She’s insightful, fun and patient. The tools she has shared with me in just a few sessions have dramatically shifted how I move in my daily life and have both empowered me and made space for a sense of peace to take root.

professional, mama of 3, Maui, HI