Why I Became a Coach

In 2017 I decided to turn my life upside down. After living in New York for 20 years, I moved to Los Angeles (for love), got married (in my 40s), and pivoted my career (after the gift of being laid off).  I have learned that it is possible to fully live the life you want […]

Working with a Coach, Part III: Working with Your Coach

Congratulations — you’ve done it! You’ve selected your coach and are getting ready to start on your journey.  But what now? What can you expect?  How do you prepare for your first session? What do you do when you don’t feel motivated, and how do you navigate giving your coach feedback if something is not […]

Working with a Coach, Part II: Finding the Right Coach for You

Congratulations — you’ve started the process! You’ve taken the time to prepare for your coaching journey.  Now that you’ve developed your coaching budget and implemented some time management tools, you are ready to look for a coach.  Real talk: the goal here is to find the coach that is right for you.  Each of us […]

Working with a Coach, Part I: Preparing for Your Coaching Journey

This week kicks off a three-part series called Working with a Coach that breaks down how to prepare for starting your coaching journey, finding the right coach, and some tips on working with your coach. I’m excited to share all the tips and things I’ve learned as a certified coach, being a client myself, and […]

Mid-Year Refresh

I am a diehard planner.  For me, a wild and fun New Year’s Eve is filled with glue and magazines to make my annual vision board, an empty wall to stick Post-its and map out my steps to get there, and a blank calendar to plot out dates and deadlines.  I love to crack open […]

Are You Honoring What You Value Most in Life?

WHAT DO YOU VALUE MOST IN LIFE? ARE YOU HONORING YOUR VALUES? DO YOU KNOW WHEN YOU ARE NOT VALUING THEM?  We’re going to roll up our sleeves and start to get clear about what we value most in our life.  While this may seem simple, what you value most can be tricky to identify.  […]

Spring Cleaning Tips

Spring arrives this week.  I love the freshness of this season.  Spring always motivates me to really clean up not only my physical space, but also my mind, body, and spirit!  This week I’m sharing my spring cleaning tips: Tip One: Shake up your space I lived in a 450-square-foot apartment in Brooklyn for 12 […]

3 Secrets for Stepping Into your Life Vision

Have you ever created a life vision board? What’s not to love about cutting and pasting the most beautiful photos from magazines and creating a perfect snapshot of the life you want? For me, the act of creating a vision board is exciting and creates a feeling of renewal. Where the work gets hard, though, is implementing […]

Who is Waiting for a Change?

Most of us have experienced that moment when we were just so ready for change. Maybe we knew what we wanted — or maybe not? For me, I wasn’t super clear about the “what” — only that there must be change. For those who are newer around here, here’s a bit about me: I decided to […]

What I Learned on the Beach in Maui

I was laid off from my last 9-to-5 job on a Tuesday. I knew it was coming. I had moved across the country, there were many changes, and when the layoffs started, I knew I was going.  As soon as my layoff conversation was over, I got off the phone, drank some coffee (I’m a […]