Spring Cleaning Tips

Spring arrives this week.  I love the freshness of this season.  Spring always motivates me to really clean up not only my physical space, but also my mind, body, and spirit!  This week I’m sharing my spring cleaning tips:

Tip One: Shake up your space

I lived in a 450-square-foot apartment in Brooklyn for 12 years, and I was relentless about getting rid of things.  Literally, my practice was, if something new came into my place, something had to go out.  But no matter how much I lived by this rule, I always ended up with too much stuff. So I created a non-negotiable practice of doing one big overhaul of my apartment every spring. 

Ideas for freshening up your living space: 

  1. Make sure you have some great music playing; it keeps you upbeat, dancing, and motivated.
  2. If you haven’t used it in a year, let it go.  
  3. Make some money by selling clothes online. Be careful with this one — not everything you are letting go of can be sold, so remember your inventory takes space, and be selective. I like Poshmark, which I’ve found easy to use, and items are generally quick to sell.   
  4. Move your furniture around.  Your space can look all brand-new and fresh, and this kind of change can be a great thing. 
Living in your life vision now means acting now as if you are living the exact life you want. Photo by Pille R. Priske on Unsplash

Tip Two: Bring the OM back into your life 

Spirituality and faith are central to my life.  The Spring equinox marks the end of the 19-day Baha’i Fast and coming out of the fasting period, I always feel reconnected with my spiritual self.  I use the arrival of spring as a recommitment to my spiritual core.  

A few ways to reconnect to your spiritual core: 

  1. Start, reinvigorate, or strengthen your daily meditation practice.  I’ve found that re-committing to daily meditation is one of my biggest wins in terms of feeling connected to my center.  Apps like Calm are amazing and easy to access. 
  2. Start a new journal.  I’m a BIG journaler — I’ve got journals going back to elementary school.  
  3. Create a gratitude list and put it where you can see it daily.  I post my list on my bathroom mirror. 
  4. Integrate or level up on your yoga or grounding exercise.  For me, I love yoga, and spring is when I want to recommit to integrating my practice because it helps me continue to stay grounded. 

Tip Three: Work it out

Coming out of the winter and starting to transition to spring, clothes are always feeling a bit tighter, my muscles feel stiffer, and my exhaustion is real.  I’m no fitness guru or nutrition expert, but I’ve been working to get more gentle with my body by tuning in to what it needs.  

A few must-dos for me every spring: 

  1. I recommit to a daily practice of stretching.  Even if it’s just 5 minutes, connecting to my body in this way is one of the kindest things I can do for myself. 
  2. Massage! I love a good massage and each spring I treat myself to an extra-long massage.  I always find that this annual tradition gives me a chance to really stretch out my body and unstick the tension from the winter. 
  3. rink more water. I like to get a new fancy water bottle in spring.  Hydration is key, friends!  My strategy is to get to 70% of my daily water intake by mid-afternoon.  

Well, friends, I’m excited to hear your own spring cleaning tips! Come and share them over in my private Facebook group: Lipstick & Leadership.

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