Letting Go of What No Longer Serves You Is Not A Cliché

I decided this year to commit to a set of intentions that will guide and ground me as I work towards my goals both personally and professionally.  Knowing that this was coming, I started to do a deep dive into how to let go of what was no longer serving me.  I know it’s true – when we let go of what no longer serves us in life, we open up space for what is possible.  

However, if it was simple to let go of what no longer serves us, then we’d all do it.  When I moved my life across the US after 20 years in New York, got married, and changed my career completely – I got my Ph.D. in letting go of what no longer served me – it was messy, beautiful, exhausting, hard, (painful at times) however absolutely rewarding. 

Declutter Your Physical Space

There is something to be said about a minimalist way of living, less creates more space.  If it’s hard to let go of physical items, then read closely.  The secret to clearing out a physical space is 1) becoming clear on what is not serving you about your current space, and 2) developing a plan to clear it out right away.  Don’t let it still be around; get rid of it if it is no longer of use to you. (so you can change your mind).  

Clear Your Regrets & Past Disappointments

It’s pretty common to hold on to something from the past, replaying a scenario over and over.  Letting go of regrets, disappointments, and missed opportunities is freeing; it creates mental and emotional space for what could be possible in life.  It is a kind of detoxification that keeps you rejuvenated. For some of us, the scars from middle school mean girls, missing opportunities to travel, or not going after a promotion lingers for years (and sometimes decades).  What would be possible if you made peace with your past and let go of these regrets and disappointments? 

Release Limiting Beliefs

Real talk: we all have them; those beliefs we have that ultimately hold us back and no longer serve us.  Maybe it’s a belief that you are not good with money, or don’t deserve the next promotion; perhaps it’s that you need to please people for them to like you.  These are all limiting; they are all untrue beliefs – anything that limits our beliefs is worth considering letting go of as it constitutes a hindrance to your way forward.

Relationships That Drain You 

Yep, we all have them in our lives; sometimes they are co-workers, many times they are family, and often, they are friends.  The truth is that we all have people who have drained us in our life; it is, therefore, paramount to work on letting go of draining relationships.  They are the people who exhaust us, mentally, emotionally and physically.  They make us feel like we can’t do one more thing.  Letting these relationships go only opens up possibilities for people who light us up to come into our lives. 

The truth is that when we let go of what no longer serves us in life – we are intentionally opening up space for endless possibilities in life.

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